Getting Going

Manage Leads

Accessing your customer database is essential to your business. RevealSoft allow you to seamlessly use your existing Salesforce contacts or automatically batch import your contacts. RevealSoft’s software also allows you to bring in leads from other sources including other lead tracking systems you already are using. That’s why we’ve automated our lead management process.

ipad manage leads screen shot

Integrate leads seamlessly from your Salesforce account.

Configuring products is done in just a few clicks. Easily customize required and default products as well.

Configure and Customize Your Products

Getting started is simple with RevealSoft’s Guided Product Wizard. This wizard allows your salesforce to easily completely customize products and quotes. You can easily select which products to quote, make some products required, and remove products you no longer offer. If you need to change your configuration, the Guided Product Wizard allows you to easily edit any configuration before generating your proposal.


Outbid your competition

At the heart of the Guided Product Wizard is the ability to load existing pricing data while you configure your products. This allows you to provide your customers with better quotes. Administrators can even set pricing parameters so all sales people are providing consistent and accurate quotes. Pricing and interchange tables are automatically loaded into RevealSoft, so you never have to worry about accuracy.


RevealSoft's side-by-side comparison interface makes competitive pricing simple.

Generating Proposals

Easily approve proposals by viewing your pending and previous proposals all in one centralized location.

Managing Workflow and Approvals

RevealSoft provides a built-in automated approval system to collaborate on crafting the most effective proposals. One of the most difficult parts of generating proposals is working collaboratively with various stakeholders to ensure the most up-to-date versions.


Create Professional Proposals

RevealSoft automatically takes all of your product configurations and prepares a single PDF version of your quote. You can even customize your proposals by including a cover page and the system automatically accesses logos directly from user profiles so you’ll always have consistent and uniform branding.


Proposal screen

Aggregrate all of your proposal data into a well-designed single PDF.

Easily copy, rename, or reuse any of your previous quotes.

Store and Reuse Proposals

Reinventing the wheel when it comes to proposals can cost your business more than you know. RevealSoft solves this problem by providing a document library with the version control that allows you to better manage your sales proposals.


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State-of-the-Art Analysis

Analyze Profitability

The heart of RevealSoft is in its ability to provide essential data for your business. RevealSoft’s platform provides flexibility in the way you can view and analyze data. For instance, you can view a revenue analysis by product type or merchant, transforming all of your sales data into actionable information.


Analyze your profitability all on one simple interface.

Create custom or templated reports from your RevealSoft dashboard.

Generate Custom Reports

We know how important it is to share actionable information with stakeholders throughout your company. Along with its built-in analysis tools, RevealSoft allows managers to generate custom or canned reports that provide vital data that allows you to identify your sales pipeline, close ratios, pinpoint your highest lead generating partners, and more. These reports are perfect for a rep, manager, or director and can be automatically e-mailed to necessary stakeholders.


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One-of-a-Kind Integration

Use Salesforce

We know how hard it can be to introduce a new system into existing workflows. That’s why we’ve provided full integration with Salesforce in the form of a 100% native application built on the platform. If you aren’t a Salesforce user, we’ve created user-friendly versions of our application offered as a standalone web application, iOS app, or Android App.

Connect with external applications

Connecting with other software is essential in leveraging the full potential of all your platforms. RevealSoft supports upstream and downstream web services like SOAP/REST calls/APIs. Additionally, it supports thousands of middleware clients, including Oracle and Informatica (Informatica Cloud) and ad hoc importing/exporting of data.

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