Generating proposals and quotes has never been easier with RevealSoft

What is RevealSoft?

RevealSoft is conveniently built for 100% integration with the platform. Current Salesforce users will automatically have access to client contact information, leads, and data-stored in the system.

RevealSoft is a web-based tool that allows companies to automatically price, quote, and generate proposals. It makes the process of generate quotes for clients faster, more convenient, more accurate, and more sustainable.

RevealSoft’s real value is in its automation, which of course, leads to revenue. From the ability to set consistent pricing and stick to specific profit margins to the ability to aggregate competitor pricing, RevealSoft provides you with the data you need to make adjustments and maximize your profits.

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Why use RevealSoft?

Not a Salesforce user? RevealSoft also offers  standalone application. Our solution makes proposal generation and delivery faster and more accurate than ever before.

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What makes RevealSoft different?

RevealSoft was built by experts in the payments industry and have automatically integrated a variety of pricing options like tiered, differential, pass-through, and flat-rate pricing.

With RevealSoft, you’ll never have to worry about costly or embarrassing errors in your pricing and quoting because it centralizes, stores, and automates all of your quotes. Your salesforce and managers will always be on the same page using RevealSoft.

Flexibility and customizability are at the heart of RevealSoft

Compatible Across Devices

It doesn’t matter what device you use, RevealSoft is your solution. It’s available as an integrated Salesforce app, a native iOS app, and an Android app. This means you’ll never fall behind the competition when it comes to sending out proposals and quotes.

Fully Customizable

We know that every business has unique needs. That’s why we’ve built RevealSoft so you can customize its settings according to your needs. For instance, you can easily incorporate your branding into the proposal template to create professional and effective proposals.

Packed with features

From the guided product wizard that allows you to configure complex product combinations to the configurable approval workflow, RevealSoft is a comprehensive solution for any business context or need. The features of RevealSoft not only enable more convenient and accurate proposals, they help create incredibly fast ROI.

Incredible Product Variety

RevealSoft offers the payments industry a variety of products including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express OptBlue, PIN and PINless debit, POS solutions, DCC, and ACH (coming soon).


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Getting started with RevealSoft takes just a few steps

1. Create Opportunities

RevealSoft automatically integrates with Salesforce. Non-salesforce users can easily import existing contacts, schedule tasks and follow-ups, and manage new leads and contacts.


2. Generate Quotes/Proposals

Create and send quotes via email, prepare side-by-side competitive savings analysis, and utilize RevealSoft’s clear management approval workflow.


3. Gain Competitive Insight

Aggregate data from your organization’s merchant statements, understand your competition, define strategies for different markets, and empower sales reps. Use side-by-side competitive analysis to inform your decisions.


4. Understand Profitability

Make informed decisions with a real understanding of profitability, understand costs associated with interchange and network fees, internal costs, Schedule A costs, and revenue share costs.


5. Feed Downstream Systems

Easily integrates with internal and external application systems like Agreement Express and DocuSign.